TUESDAY, 24th July - 15.00 TO 16.00

Our new hosted roundtable format provides an ideal platform for debate around really hot topics where everyone's ideas and opinions are important and formative to the discussion. The DCD>Energy Smart discussions aim to bring together data center operators, energy providers, technologists and government to find new ways of collaboration for a more sustainable future.

Roundtable 1: Financing and investing in African data center build outs

Roundtable 2: Top design and construction challenges that make building regional data centers difficult in 2018

Roundtable 3: Power infrastructure supply challenges – assessing grid availability and alternative power sources for African data centers

Roundtable 4: How can regional operators meet the increasing demand for data center space from hyperscale computing?  

Roundtable 5: Hybrid cloud adoption and migration challenges – assessing the infrastructure requirements in support of your hybrid IT strategy