The SMB Cloud Summit is designed for management that is looking to explore the business side of cloud – to ask questions, to understand barriers and benefits, to identify the keys to developing and executing on a cloud plan for their own organizations. Led by InsightaaS the SMB Cloud Summit melds a ‘roll up your sleeves’ approach to cloud strategy with extended opportunities to learn from and talk with Canadian cloud thought leaders and industry experts.

This by-application-only event follows key aspects of the U of T SCS curriculum, combining focused instruction, expert panels and small-group interaction with extended networking and Q&A opportunities. Attendees will be provided with Certificates of Completion, invitations to follow-on sessions (principally, the Connected Canada 4.0 event, held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre the following day), and will be given access to a library of cloud best practices and ongoing industry research to support the application of concepts discussed in the event to real-world business challenges.

In today’s economy, cloud computing is tightly connected with business success. Whether it’s used to support sales and marketing (via CRM and hosted communications services), enhance productivity (via online resources like Microsoft 365 or Google Apps), enhance professional productivity in activities ranging from field maintenance to HR, or as the core platform that enables organizations to capitalize on analytics and Big Data, IoT, AI, mobility or dozens of other future-facing technologies, cloud is an essential component of business strategy.

Canada’s SMBs, though, struggle to develop the strategies and action plans that will translate cloud’s potential into near-term, tangible business success. Many executives need a framework that enables them to ‘pyramid up’ the benefits of cloud; they lack relevant guidance on focus areas, processes and what to watch/watch out for’; they aren’t able to connect with peers, or with Canadian thought leaders who can help them to establish an approach that offers optimal benefits and manageable risks.

The SMB Cloud Summit is designed for Canadian SMB business managers, and for the IT resources (internal and channel) who support them. Hosted by the leaders of the Toronto Cloud Business Coalition, and including dozens of Canada’s leading cloud experts, the SMB Cloud Summit offers a unique opportunity to learn, discuss and network – to build the foundation for business competitiveness and success.

The agenda will include research, analytical frameworks, Canadian best practices and expert discussions across the topics that are most important to SMB adoption and use of cloud in a business context:

  • Aligning cloud with business and executive metrics and imperatives
  • Planning for the cloud
  • Selecting cloud options that work for your business
  • Connecting cloud applications with business process needs
  • Governance, Risk, Compliance – and security
  • The future of cloud, and what it means to the future of your business

Each topic will include research-based guidance, expert panel discussions, and generous time for Q&A. The session itself will also feature small-group discussions and multiple networking opportunities. Delegates will receive support for future activities as well – a library containing Canadian-authored cloud best practice reports, ongoing access to new research, a pass to Connected Canada 4.0, invitations to future ‘deep dive’ events – and a Certificate of Completion demonstrating that they have invested the time needed to align cloud with SMMB business opportunity.


Please note: this event is open only to qualified delegates. To secure your invitation to the SMB Cloud Summit, please click here

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