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Monday, September 25, Fairmont Dallas


Registration 12.00pm

Roundtables (12:50pm to 5:30pm, followed by DCD>Colo+Cloud Welcome Reception)

The “big three” of digital transformation today, Content Delivery (streaming, interactive), IoT (in the broadest “Everything” sense and Mobile Devices (5G, IPv6) are driving massive new data streams for network edge compute. The IT infrastructure stack layers are being designed in radical new ways to meet this exponentially growing new demand. And so, too, are the physical mechanical and electrical infrastructure system designs being challenged. There more variants in edge compute data center design/builds today as there were variants in the entire mission critical industry of a very few years ago.  

This by-application-only series of thought-leader delegate roundtable conversations is for senior executives and engineering/technology professionals from the full-stack data center and cloud end-user eco-system communities looking to better understand the challenges and opportunities on the high-velocity edge of business and industry change.


THE business transformation SUPERHIGHWAY PASSES straight THRU THE DIGITAL EDGE

Autonomous cars. AR/VR. 360-degree video. Smart Cities. IoT/E. Realtime Streaming Data Analytics. AI/ML. Streaming/Interactive Content. Collaboration. Robotics/Drones. 3D Print/Distributed Manufacture. Mobility (IPv6, 5G), Smart Devices.

All these demand placing sophisticacted network compute capacity as close to the action and origin (or points of delivery) of data as possible. If hyperscale data centers are pulling toward the megascale extreme, edge data centers are increasingly taking mini- and micro-scale modular faces to where now untethered digitization meets people.

The digital edge can POP-up anywhere, anytime, no matter how urban dense or remote—next to clean-power generation or mobile cell towers or atop buildings…  All that quite simply changes everything. Yet again.  

Multi-access connectivity. SDN/NFV. Fabric, Mist and Fog. GPU/CPU Servers. HPC. SSD Flash Memory and Storage. Hyperconvergence. Docker, Kubernetes Containers. New power and cooling architectures, including liquid cooling. Both uptime resiliency and security are fresh challenges at the digital edge.

Silicon Photonics? Quantum Compute? Will they cut their teeth at the Digital Edge?

So it's time to have a big conversation about what digital edge is about and where it’s headed, isn't it? Should definition be brought to this new mission critical class? Before "edge-washing" starts? Roundtables are designed so that for each of the three sessions there’s ample opportunity for the invited peer delegates to fully engage with the 10-expert-member panels.

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