Monday, September 25, 2017

OCP Engineering Workshops are working sessions that are technical in nature and are designed to allow the OCP Project Communities to come together to work on the goals and set the direction of each project as it supports the mission and vision of the OCP Foundation.  These Engineering Workshops are designed to encourage, empower, and inspire the OCP community to communicate, collaborate and contribute! 

The goals of these workshops include:

  • Increase community participation and stickiness.
  • Increase the OCP technology portfolio; depth and breadth of specifications and charters.
  • Drive the product-ionization of OCP’s specifications.  
  • Solidify specification versioning pipeline, release process, naming conventions.
  • Take into account/understand the suppliers needs and OCP partners needs
  • Implementation of OCP’s legal framework (CLA and OCPHLs).
  • Building out/addressing technologies for new sectors.




Monday, September 25, 2017

9.30am - 5:00pm, The Fairmont Dallas

This OCP Engineering Workshops will focus on the Data Center, Rack & Power, Telco, Hardware & Networking, and Servers/Mezz Card  projects, details below. Bill Carter (CTO) of the OCP Foundation along with the OCP project co-leads will facilitate the discussion around each of these projects.  You can expect to learn more about the scope and focus of these projects along with how you can consume OCP gear, collaborate with the OCP community and contribute to the OCP ecosystem through participation in these project groups. 

Telco Project session - Lead: Tom Anschutz, Distinguished engineer, AT&T


Schedule coming soon


Data Center session Lead: Robert Bunger, Director of Data Center Standards & Alliances, Schneider Electric

9.30am: Welcome - Bill Carter, CTO, OCP & Archna Haylock, Community Director, OCP

9.40am: Review of colocation facility guidelines for OCP racks - Robert Bunger, Director of Data Center Standards & Alliances, Schneider Electric

10.25am: Colocation facility assessment process

11.10am Comparing an OCP data center using Romonet site analysis tool

11.40am: Color-coded cabling proposal

12.20pm: Liquid-cooled data center review from Alibaba

1.10pm: Open - call out for presentations

1.30pm: Ends


Hardware & Networking session - Lead, tbc


Schedule coming soon


Rack & Power session – Lead: Steve Mills, Technical Lead, Facebook

2.00pm: Welcome - Steve Mills, Technical Lead, Facebook

2.10pm: Review specification proposal: Independent BUSBAR to rack interface - Derek Winsor, Senior Design Engineer, Rittal and tbc, Amphenol

2.40pm: New power connector for Open Rack Busbar - tbc, Amphenol

2.55pm: Considering changes to Open Rack Specification 2.0

  • Add depth for 48V deep rack
  • Adjust Power interconnect location to enable 1OU power shelf
  • Tolerance change on busbar thicknes

                                    Steve Mills, Technical Lead, Facebook

3.40pm: Review specification proposal: EMI Suppression in ORV2 - tbc, Google

4.10pm: Review specification proposal: Adapting 12V IT gear to 48V Open Rack - tbc, Google

4.40pm: Community-driven development of Power Shelf Specification

  • General use, ratings, resiliency needs
  • Enclosure requirements, options
  • Rectifier/BBU module requirements, options
  • Management API

5.30pm: Ends


Servers/Mezz Card session – Lead: Jia Ning, Hardware Engineer, Facebook

2.00pm: Welcome and general update - Bill Carter, CTO, OCP & Archna Haylock, Community Director, OCP

2.20pm: Mezz 3.0 Specification, thermal considerations - John Fernandes and Yueming Li, Thermal Engineers, Facebook

2.35pm: Mezz 3.0 Specification, mechanical update - Joshua Held, Mechanical Engineer, Facebook

2.50pm: Community update, NIC supplier

3.05pm: Community update, system supplier

3.20pm: Technical workshop

5.30pm: Ends



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