Plenary panel: The proper role of colo and cloud facilities and services providers in resiliency

Aaron Wangenheim, COO, T5 Data Centers Chris Sharp, CTO, Digital Realty David Liggitt, Founder & CEO, datacenterHawk Francisco Romero, COO, IBM SoftLayer Jonathan Schildkraut, EVP & Chief Strategy Officer, CyrusOne Ron Batra, Technology and Innovation Strategist , Equinix Stephen Worn , CTO , DCD W. Pitt Turner IV, Executive Director, Uptime Institute

Catastrophic events such as Hurricane Harvey -- occuring ever-more frequently in areas of high concentrations of data centers -- puts a sharp point on the reality for the need for resiliency thinking. Modern colo facilities and services providers are very conscious of their unique relationship with customers as it relates to uptime availability, resiliency and reliability of the physical (mechanical and electrical) plant. Does that change in the era of hyperscale and cloud and edge? If so, how? If resiliency (failover, mirroring, disaster recovery, business continuity) can be autonomously achieved as software defined, does that alter any requirements on the physical facility infrastructure? Does it change design/build/operate models? Business models? If so, how and in what likely ways in the next decade?