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DCD delivers a world leading series of events devoted to data center scale IT infrastructure that supports transformation in Cloud, IoT, Smart Cities and across the Zettabyte economy.

We focus on combining the finest ingredients available, to create the world’s best technology infrastructure conferences.  We blend the most significant people in the market, with leading edge content programmes and a range of delivery styles; served up in some of the world’s best venues. DCD connects the market-makers, informing, influencing and instigating change and development throughout this exciting sector.

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Shanghai Tower Conference Center

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Networking is fundamental to getting the most out of your event experience. Your time is valuable and making sure that you meet the right people is vital, so we have developed new curated meeting features at our events that include speed networking, hosted roundtables and 1-2-1 meetings.

In the run-up to the event we may make 1-2-1 Introductions via email to carefully selected vendors who match your buyer profile, as indicated in the registration process (these are technology areas you are investing in, new projects you are working on etc.....).

We take new data sovereignty laws very seriously, however do not want them to impact the quality of the events we are able to deliver, especially these networking features. We fund your free place at this event through the various sponsored networking functions, and are only able to do this if you explicitly opt-in to receive communications from DCD and our sponsors.

If you would prefer to attend the event ‘anonymously’ meaning you opt-out of any communications, there will be a registration charge of $599 -  Registration opening soon. 

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