October 25 2018

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Opening Remarks


Opening Keynote: Augmenting enterprise IT infrastructure to create an ecosystem for a digital first economy

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Technology Presentation by Schneider Electric


Panel Discussion: The implications of digital transformation on your enterprise data center infrastructure

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Morning coffee and networking in the expo + speed networking


Enterprise data center transformations – Evaluating emerging power architectures in modern facilities

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Addressing colocation and cloud challenges with a modular approach in the age of distributed computing

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How can the latest developments in cooling help in building energy efficient data centers?

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Best practices and proven methodologies to mitigate the challenges of hybrid IT minimizing the risk and making your data center future-ready

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Spring-cleaning your data center: Optimising the efficiency of your legacy infrastructure

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Lunch and networking in the expo


Technology Presentation by Team Computers


Edge and HCI are bringing the corporate data center back from the dead!

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Cyber security approaches that enable enterprises to detect and prevent complex threats on the cloud

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Uptime Institute Workshop: The ways in which IT is being delivered has dramatically changed. Are your driving this change or watching it change?

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Afternoon Coffee & Networking


Panel Discussion: How do we design effective and sophisticated counter mechanisms to combat cyber security threats in the data center?

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Panel Discussion: Mind the Gap: OT/IT, skills, business models, security and other areas we need to be worried about

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Closing remarks


Networking Drinks in the Expo hall

Break Outs

Hosted Roundtables

14:00 - Roundtable #01. How can enterprises ensure cost effective migration to cloud while ensuring efficiency and agility?

14:00 - Roundtable #02. What are the business benefits of hyper-converged infrastructure?

14:00 - Roundtable #03. How can you better secure your data center infrastructure whilst ensuring regulatory compliance?

14:00 - Roundtable #04. How will the new Energy Conservation Building Code and other regulations and industry standards change your enterprise data center infrastructure?

14:00 - Roundtable #05. How can an effective DCIM deployment strategy deliver profound benefits to data center management in the age of Cloud, IoT and Big Data?

14:00 - Roundtable #06. What can enterprise data teams learn from global hyperscale operators to match their efficiency and cost-optimization?

14:00 - Roundtable #07. How can you capitalise on renewable energy sources to enhance energy efficiencies in your data center?

14:00 - Roundtable #08. An honest conversation on how we should approach blockchain technology in the data center? Energy, security, operational efficiency!

14:00 - Roundtable #09. How can you overcome threat vectors in a Hybrid IT environment?

14:00 - Roundtable #10. How can you make your existing applications on legacy infrastructure cloud-ready?