Hosted Roundtables

Hosted Roundtables

Our new hosted roundtable format provides an ideal platform for debate around really hot topics where everyone's ideas and opinions are important and formative to the discussion. The DCD>Enterprise discussions aim to bring together data center operators, consulting engineers, and technologists to find new ways of collaboration for a more sustainable future.

May 1st, Hall 1, 3.00-4.00pm

1. How is the data center responding to IT transformation in financial services & fintech 

Led by Daniel Gaffney, Director of Global Critical Facilities, Global Procurement and Corporate Real Estate, BNY Mellon

2. What is the secret sauce to measuring data center performance? 

 Led by Bill Beck, Managing Director and Global Head of Critical Engineering and Sustainability Services, Credit Suisse


3. Cloud vs. On-prem vs. Colo security: How do you strike the right balance?

Led by Jonathan Levine, Cloud CTO/CIO/CISO, Intermedia


4. The big five have AI for the data center performance and monitoring cracked. How do the little guys get on board? Software-Defined, Power + Cooling


5. Successful transitions from on-prem to colo; what’s best practice? 

Led by Srinivas Sarathy, VP, Infrastructure and Operations, Northwestern Mutual


6. How is the data center responding to IT transformation in healthcare? 

Led by Kunwar B. Kishore Arora, Global Chief Operating Officer, APCER Life Sciences


7. Retrofit & upgrade: Optimizing your legacy data center capacity - what’s new? What is really feasible in operational legacy data center and what is expected/realistic  projected improvement and the ROI.. "   


8. Can a new on-prem data center now be TCO-justified? 

 Led by Brian Saluzzo, SVP and Unit CIO, Global Merchant Services & Loyalty Technology, American Express



May 2nd, Hall 1, 3.00-4.00pm

1.How do enterprises address hybrid IT challenges and get out of data center business? 

 Led by Arun Manansingh, Chief Information Officer, World Trade Centers Association


2.Liquid cooling? Are we still talking about it or will it be reality soon? 

Led by Julius Neudorfer, CTO, North American Access Technologies


3.Where’s my edge and do I need a data center there? In a container or in a colo? 


4.Are data centers as efficient as they are going to get? Where’s the next big leap?

 Led by Kevin Dalton, VP Engineering, Digital Realty


5.How do I improve my enterprise’s capacity planning efforts?

Led by John Diamond, GM, Facilities, Netrality Properties