Uptime Institute at DCD>Enterprise

Uptime Institute at DCD>Enterprise

As part of a global partnership whereby Uptime Institute speakers take part in carefully coordinated sessions on topics relevant to each event's audience profile, Uptime Institute's reasearch director, Andy Lawrence and other senior execs feature at DCD>Enterprise on May 1st and May 2nd. Get the details in your diary now!

DCD>Enterprise agenda may be found here


May 1st, Hall 2, 3.30pm-4.00pm

Strategies for achieving hybrid infrastructure resiliency

All organizations are re-thinking their IT strategies to embrace hybrid infrastructures consisting of multiple data center sites, co-location facilities as well as public and private clouds. The key to IT success is to examine the organization’s IT service delivery charter and map it to this hybrid infrastructure in a predictable and defendable fashion. This session will discuss the pros and cons of various resilient architectures, as well as strategies to gain accountability and visibility into hybrid IT environments. Learn about this change and how your organization should be preparing to embrace these approaches. Additionally, understand the risk and opportunity of operating in such a hybrid environment, and the associated business reporting that must exist to be successful.

Andy Lawrence, Executive Director, Research, Uptime Institute 


May 2nd, Hall 2, 3.00pm-4.30pm

Uptime Institute Enterprise Workshop

With the redefining of today’s enterprise data centers along with dramatic changes in IT delivery, it’s time to embrace change. From the fundamental technologies being deployed, to the creation of hybrid infrastructures and the leveraging the cloud, this enterprise workshop is designed to give you more insight into the change that is already happening at various rates across the industry. We’ll look at what is ahead for the IT Infrastructure market, and what you need to consider now to be prepared for your own future. Learn to communicate with IT stakeholders to ensure lessons learned on availability and business continuity are part of the new IT solutions. Uptime Institute’s data center experts will share what they’ve seen after working with Fortune Global 1000 organizations  and give you important pointers about how to make sure your data center or portfolio will be valued over the long haul.

3.00pm: Changes in the industry and what it means to you - Mark Harris, SVP, Uptime Institute

3.30pm: Industry change and mitigating risk - Phil Collerton, CTRO, Uptime Institute

4.00pm: Resiliency in 2018 and Beyond - Todd J. Traver, Vice President IT Optimization and Strategy, Uptime Institute


May 2nd, Hall 1, 4.30pm-4.15pm

Plenary panel: The data center paradox – More important than ever, because of cloud adoption

The data center industry has certainly become a paradox in the last few years, between on-premise, colo, cloud and hybrid. Are we ready for what’s ahead? How do we prepare for the new hybrid world? Lee Kirby will lead a panel discussing new findings from the Uptime Institute’s 8th Annual Data Center Survey including edge computing, hybrid IT and resiliency, renewable and on-site power and more.

Lee Kirby, President, Uptime Institute

Don Beaty, President, DLB Associates