Lightning plenary: Is a new day now dawning for the core enterprise data center?

Mark Thiele, CIO/CSO, Apcera

If digital transformation is to work at the edge it requires a host of new systems architectures, advanced technology capabilities, and a new innovation management mindset. No longer is it a given that the enterprise data center is largely an artifact of the legacy past, an anachronistic beast of burden to be borne by the business until it dies. Can the correct ownership plan and integration with corporate strategy make a difference in whether to own, lease, or cloud? Is there one answer for every company as it relates to data center strategy? The data center is your company's factory and some have decided that owning the factory is their best plan. Will new economics, improved data center design and on-prem capabilities mean a breathe of life into the enterprise data center?

Session takes place in the Plenary Hall