2018 Brochure

Big Data & IoT: Challenging the edge

According to forecasts, more than 50 billion IoT devices will be online by 2020. Driven by Big Data, Industry 4.0 and IoT, not only the amount of data but also the demand for fast accessible computing capacity near the data's place of origin will increase. Customers need solutions to analyze more data more quickly and in a cost-effective way. “Edge computing” is the key. 

In the edge data center, customers are able to manage the big data volume and low latency needed for IoT data. The rapidly deployable solution provides an integrated monitoring system control of all IT infrastructure parameters within the edge data center. This session will review the installation requirements, similar to those for a traditional data center, but with solutions unique to an edge deployment. Physical protection, environmental and climate control in a secure operational environment can be solved by different housing options, such as stand alone, security room, container.

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