The Digital Transformation of Data Centers - Leveraging IoT in the Cloud and on the Edge

Eswar Viswanathan, Director - Data Centre Lifecycle Services, IT Division - International, Schneider Electric

Data centers have come a long way from the old mainframe computer rooms of the past. Today’s data centers showcase the latest advances in software defined storage and networking, Artificial intelligence, modular and scalable hardware’s, virtualized and containerized applications. IoT is being used for the customer benefits inside of data centers enabling innovation at every level and at the edge enabling a “Smart everything” world. We will share how we are using the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect products to edge control software and in new applications, analytics and Artificial Intelligence for large centralized data centers. We will show how leveraging an IoT stack including mobility, sensing, cloud storage and analytics will deliver innovation to our customers in the form of reliability, efficiency and connectivity. Additionally, IoT is enabling a more automated lifestyle and we will show examples of how micro data centers are aggregating sensor data, delivering high bandwidth content and processing “big data” on the network edge.

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