Uptime Institute


4th April

'The combination of DatacenterDynamics and Uptime Institute is a perfect complementary relationship between the industry’s two strongest providers', Lee Kirby, president of Uptime Institute, 6 November 2017. See full details here


Operating a data center successfully takes an explicit focus on the physical placements and design criteria, the operational plan and staffing resources, the policies in place and the processes defined. In this workshop, Uptime Institute experts will share their experience derived from directly working with thousands of sites around the globe.

If you are interested in attending this workshop there are complimentary passes available for end-users - request to attend by registering for the main conference

Join this half-day workshop, led by John Duffin, to gain insight into:


Learn about the four Tier levels, and how the Tier Standard can be applied from Edge to Core.  Additionally, learn about the typical design or construction shortfalls and issues that Uptime Institute regularly catches when working with customers and helps correct while conducting Tier certifications. Many of these issues are less visible but significant and had they not been discovered, would have put the data center and its operations at risk or raised its operational costs throughout its lifetime. Also, hear about common mistakes and improperly designed data centers that Uptime Institute regularly sees that can increase the costs of the data center build.


Learn about the Tier Standard: Operational Sustainability required behaviors that help create operational excellence. The operational side of a data center seems less critical to many, but in this session, we’ll demonstrate that the success of a data center and its competitiveness can be made or broken by the strength of its operational plan. You’ll also hear about the typical shortfalls Uptime Institute sees while conducting onsite operations certifications with data center organizations and how these organizations are addressing them.

Efficient IT:

Come learn why Efficient IT is about more than just delivering a 1kW of power and cooling to the infrastructure in the most efficient manner possible. Learn how the leadership found in IT organizations and the structured management of IT groups can have big impacts to the bottom line of any organization.  We’ll discuss both the technological changes that are possible, as well as the business leadership required to focus on higher-order and derivative business values.

Resiliency (Hybrid):

Learn about the newest area of focus for Uptime Institute. You’ll learn about what hybrid resiliency is and why it’s different than in previous deployments.  We’ll discuss how this new approach is impacting each IT professional’s daily life and how to embrace it. Above all, we’ll discuss how to take advantage of a hybrid infrastructure and the actions you personally can take to become a trusted and credible participant in any IT organization as their computing spans multiple sites, co-location facilities and the cloud.