What Our Delegates Say

What Our Delegates Say

"We really like the event so far – it’s been good for us meeting people and being able to showcase our new web platform and app. We’ve met a lot of interesting people. Coming to an event like this gives us a really good chance to interact with people face to face, which is a must in these times."

Patrik Ohlund – Node Pole

node pole

"The event here in London has been fantastic. I had a great time on the panel this morning speaking and then I had a breakout session on 5G and 5G infrastructure requirements. Both were well attended and I had a lot of great questions - the interactions and questions are probably the biggest thing. We’ve already had a number of customer meetings and some I didn’t plan to have by networking with people here. It’s been a fantastic event for myself and Flex. It’s about the people in the audience at DCD that makes the difference. The calibre of attendee and level of influencer is fantastic."

Kevin Kettler – Flex


"DCD is one of the favourite events that we come to every year, particularly here in London. It’s always fantastic – you get some of the leaders in the industry and some great thinking going on. People come up and challenge our thinking, to me it’s a fantastic event for meeting new and old friends and getting to share some great thoughts together. I come here so people tell me why aren’t we doing it differently and there’s no better place than DCD for that. What’s fantastic at DCD is that you get a consolidation of people in the industry who are thinking about different things, but they are not all thinking about it in the same way."

Kevin Brown – Schneider Electric

 schneider electric

"I've been here since 2006/7 when DCD started these conferences - a big part of my career, where I am today and my knowledge is because of events like this – and especially DCD. You meet all of your peers here, you meet new people and you will be challenged by young people."

Lex Coors, Interxion


"DCD is a great partner, they have a large presence and a wide audience. They are very well
known in the industry for big initiatives and bringing the industry together, so we wanted to choose this event specifically to drive our new announcements, so that we are able to send a message to the rest of the industry and so they can collaborate with us."

Kushagra Vaid, Microsoft


"It’s a very good event that we’ve done for many years, it’s good to get our staff involved, to meet people and come together with industry professionals. It’s good for business and to define what’s going on and the OCP is a big part of it this year, listening to what the different views are and it’s really keeping on top of the industry trends. There’s a lot of conversations about what’s happening now and what’s happening in the future – what the data center looks like today and what it looks like in the future. It’s a very good learning opportunity."

Greg McCulloch, Aegis Data

 aegis data

"I’ve been coming to here for 10 years now and I’ve seen a lot of change in the event itself. I love coming to the event, it gives me an indication of new trends and a place where I meet a lot of friends and colleagues in the industry. If the event was across 5 days, I know I would be very busy in that week! There’s a good variation of things being discussed and a good balance. It gives me the opportunity to get good experience of areas which aren’t my core responsibility and an understanding of what’s happening in the data center as a whole. Also the new technologies and solutions that are being exhibited – it’s a good way to keep an eye on new products. In some respects it’s a data university as this is where everyone in the industry resides."

Paul Finch - Kao Data


"DCD and Schneider Electric have a very close relationship and this London event is the flagship that we participate in. We usually try and show the latest and greatest things that we’ve been researching or releasing at the show. The audience is good for us, with a lot of data center managers and designers."

Robert Bunger - Schneider Electric

 schneider electric

"Data is the new gold, the new oil – and this is where the magic happens. A lot of folks are here to connect one on one and a lot of folks are here to learn about trends and changes that are coming. I believe everything from the plenaries, to the big ideas, as well as the one on ones and understanding how the vendors are changing with this rapidly changing environment that we are seeing, all are very good in context or learning, meeting, getting educated and doing business. This is where we learn, connect and build a future."

Cole Crawford - Vapor IO

vapor io

"I was involved in the first DCD event that was ever held – way back in 2002! What I think is very important is communication and what is coming in the future. DCD is a true data center event – DCD has a blend of where the market is going."

Michael Adams - Panduit


"When I was up on the panel this morning, I saw a handful of my biggest customers come and sit on the front row. Between the editors, customers and partners, the right people are here to have these conversations."

Dave Johnson - Schneider Electric
schneider electric

"DCD events are very interesting to Panduit – we have sponsored the event heavily for years. When you’re close to your customers at DCD and meeting new customers, it is fantastic. We have a chance to engage people year on year as it brings fantastic value into our business."

Steve Morris  - Panduit