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Lightning Plenary Keynote: The rise of reference architecture – how Uber is responding to their unique computing requirements?

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Lightning Plenary Keynote: The GPU powered AI revolution and your data center - what do you need to know?

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Plenary Panel: Which technologies are set to most disrupt the data center industry today and in the future?

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Coffee Break, Expo, Innovation Stage & Speed Networking


Innovation for impact: Driving the next 80% improvement in data center performance

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How can a micro data center enable high performance computing at the edge?

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How can we bring “industrial-strength” power and automation experience to the world of data centers?

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Rethinking your backup power strategy: What are the benefits of going gas?

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From UPS-as-a-Reserve to no-UPS, how is the data center industry rethinking mission critical power?

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Scaling up from 100g to 800G: Will the need for speed drive 400G or 800G uptake? Where to place your bets?

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Fuel cell advances in the data center – where does it make sense to replace the grid?

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How is the edge driving the digitisation of European industry and enterprise?

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Is DCIM the enabling technology for smart grids in the data center?

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Data center diaspora: How living between on-prem, colo and cloud is reshaping the European DcaaS market?

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Lunch, Networking, Expo & Innovation Stage


How a cloud provider harnessed the power of immersive cooling technology in their cloud data center

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The impact on cost of adopting OCP


Hybrid IT: Migration strategies from on-prem to colo and cloud platforms – should you move out of the data center business?

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Drinks Reception, Networking on Expo Floor - & Round-up Panel 17:15


Plenary panel on the Innovation Stage, Expo Floor: How is the shift from core to cloud and the edge transforming the industry?

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Break Outs

Hosted Roundtables

15:00 - Roundtable 1: Are large-scale energy storage technologies ready yet for the data center environment?

15:00 - Roundtable 10: GPUs vs. CPUs; what does this mean for data center design especially in HPC use cases?

15:00 - Roundtable 2: What does the next generation of hyperscale and edge networking and interconnectivity look like?

15:00 - Roundtable 3: Building the infrastructure that will support 5G cloud and IoT; will it be a proprietary future or an Open one?

15:00 - Roundtable 4: How do you deal with the insider threat in your data center?

15:00 - Roundtable 5: How are the data centers that support Europe’s manufacturing sector changing?

15:00 - Roundtable 6: FLAPs versus Nordics; How is the connectivity map of Europe reshaping data center investment opportunities?

15:00 - Roundtable 7: Hybrid IT and data mobility: Is my next “data center” in my office, in a colo, in a cloud or on a blockchain?

15:00 - Roundtable 8: Is colo ready for crypto-mining and the blockchain?

15:00 - Roundtable 9: Are Machine Learning and AI ready for mainstream application within the data center?