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Lightning Plenary Keynote: Designing and operating hyperscale-level data centers

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Lightning Plenary Keynote: How do you transform your infrastructure at the edge?

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Lightning Plenary Keynote: How blockchain technology is set to disrupt data center tech/design


Plenary Panel: The great return – how the edge and HCI are bringing the corporate data center back from the dead!

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Coffee Break, Expo, Innovation Stage & Speed Networking


What are the business benefits of hyper-converged infrastructure?

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SDDC: How do we bring hyperscale-inspired networking innovations to mainstream data centers?

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Adding cognitive capabilities to DCIM: How can an AI-driven DCIM system improve performance, resiliency and security of modern digital infrastructure?

How is the hyper-localisation trend affecting data center site selection and construction strategies in Europe?

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How do you upgrade servers, storage and your operating systems for better consolidation?

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How do you simplify your network operations through data center automation?

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How do you deal with the insider threat: Are biometrics and IT-based security serving their purpose

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How are visualisation technologies like BIM and REVIT best deployed at the design stage?

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How is IoT data capture and processing driving new edge-to-core data center network architectures?

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What are the challenges and opportunities around data center disposal and asset recycling?

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Resilient Infrastructure: Is the future of disaster recovery in the cloud?

The Lego-brick approach to data center design: Why should you go modular?

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Lunch, Networking, Expo & Innovation Stage


Roundtable 1: Construction trends and challenges – how can new approaches help support increased levels of density?


Going beyond PUE and tier classifications – how can we improve standardised efficiency on PUE and reliability?

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How can OPEN19 improve your hardware choices and what does it mean to the data center ecosystem?

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Case study: How to deploy OPEN19 in enterprise-scale and hyperscale environments?


Uptime Seminar: What does the trend data from the 2018 Uptime global survey tell us about the direction of the region’s data center industry?

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Can we tackle the skills gap fast enough or should we automate?

How can a standard rack design help simplify management of large edge deployments?


Drinks, Networking & CXO Closing Panel: Global technology trends – what will your data center look like 5 years from now? (Expo floor)


End of conference

Break Outs

Hosted Roundtables

15:00 - Roundtable 2: If demand/ response is so appropriate for data centers why isn’t it more prevalent?

15:00 - Roundtable 3: How is the data center responding to IT transformation in financial & fintech services?

15:00 - Roundtable 4: Data center upgrades, retrofit, consolidations and migrations: How do you deal with your legacy infrastructure?

15:00 - Roundtable 5: How is the data center responding to the IT transformation in retail?