Hosted roundtables

Sessions take place in the Gallery Rooms, Level 2. 


#1 Are large-scale energy storage technologies ready yet for the data center environment?

#2 What does the next generation of hyperscale network architecture look like?

#3 Building the infrastructure that will support 5G; will it be a proprietary future or an Open one?

#4 Enhanced visibility: When will AI, AR and VR transform data center design and operations?

#5 How are the data centers that support Europe’s manufacturing sector changing

#6 FLAPs versus Nordics; How is the connectivity map of Europe reshaping data center investment opportunities?

#7 OCP server adoption - what’s stopping the enterprise from adopting open infrastructures

#8 Is colo ready for crypto-mining and the blockchain?

#9 Are Machine Learning and AI ready for mainstream application within the data center?

#10 Immersive cooling versus liquid cooling – which approach will win over the high-density data center?