2018 Brochure

Hosted roundtables

Sessions take place in the Gallery Rooms, Level 2. 


Roundtable 1: Are large-scale energy storage technologies ready yet for the data center environment?

Led by: Alberto Ravagni, CEO, solidPOWER


Roundtable 2: What does the next generation of hyperscale and edge networking and interconnectivity look like?

Led by: Yuval Bachar, Principal Engineer, LinkedIn


Roundtable 3: Building the infrastructure that will support 5G cloud and IoT; will it be a proprietary future or an Open one?

Led by: Øyvind Bakksjø, CTO, Arctic Circle & Pablo Jejcic, Head of Cloud and Infrastructure Excellence, Vodafone


Roundtable 4: How do you deal with the insider threat in your data center?

Led by: Joseph Tam, Security and Risk Consultant, Arup


Roundtable 5: How are the data centers that support Europe’s manufacturing sector changing?

Led by: Andrew Scott, Global Data Center Manager, GKN Driveline &

Mark Bartlett, UK Manufacturing Lead, Arup


Roundtable 6: FLAPs versus Nordics; How is the connectivity map of Europe reshaping data center investment opportunities?

Led by: Gisle Eckhoff, CEO, DigiPlex & Sonny Hoogendorn, Keppel


Roundtable 7: Hybrid IT and data mobility: Is my next “data center” in my office, in a Colo, in a Cloud or on a Blockchain?

 Led by: Rhonda Ascierto,  of Research, 451 Research


Roundtable 8: Is colo ready for crypto-mining and the blockchain?  

Led by: Catalin Balaci, CTO, Evobits



Roundtable 9: Are Machine Learning and AI ready for mainstream application within the data center?

Led by: David Hall, Senior Director, Technology Innovation, Equinix & David Spurway, CTO, IBM Power Systems UK&I, IBM


Roundtable 10: GPUs vs. CPUs; what does this mean for data center design especially in HPC use cases?

Led by: Niko Neufeld, Project Leader, CERN  & Tate Cantrell, CTO, Verne Global