2018 Brochure

Panel: What types of relationship does it take for the data center / smart grid intersect to flourish?

Brian Janous, General Manager of Energy, Microsoft Eddie Schutter, CTO, Switch Erik Rylander, Head of Stockholm Data Parks, Stockholm Exergi Susanna Kass, EVP, Head of Innovation, Sustainability Strategy, BASELAYER

Our digital world is an energy-voracious industry. How can the data center cope with the data influx from IoT and Smart Cities? Can the data center become a net contributor to the power grid? Find out where we are on the journey to “Net-Zero”, andhow the latest technologies are helping drive energy efficiency innovations. Discover whether the roll-out of edge strategies will be defined by future power grids and where Europe is in its transition to renewable energy.  What technologies are enabling the use of green power in the data center, andwhere are we on the energy storage journey?  This panel discusses the integration of the utility and the data center.

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