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The Internet has revolutionised every facet of modern day life, from the way that countries trade goods and services, to how education and healthcare services are delivered. Consumers have embraced the on demand culture that mobile and cloud technologies have created, blurring the lines between traditional B2B and B2C business models.

Whilst governments around the world push their digital initiatives, the speed that the digital world moves at has become far more complex than could have been imagined. Policy makers and outdated legislation are struggling to keep up with the new economy, country regulatory requirements around privacy and taxation as well as definitions on service delivery only add to that complexity.

The global nature of the new economy has created an ever-shrinking world where emerging markets adopt new services and methods of delivery quicker than established markets, whilst tier 1 cities around the world are becoming constrained by rising power and real estate prices as well as an ever growing population.

This regional event will host both international and regional speakers as they discuss the challenges and opportunities that the digital economy brings to both established and emerging markets.

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Unique business retreat for the DC industry. Golf. Conference. Workshop. Durian Fellowship.

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‘Free-to-attend by invitation’ means that individuals that meet our qualification criteria, end-users/operators, can enjoy a complimentary pass to DatacenterDynamics conferences. We work with our partners to send invitations to individuals we believe would stand to benefit from participating, but also are happy for individuals that meet the criteria to apply for places themselves online. The registration process even gives you the opportunity to recommend your colleagues.

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Know many IT and data center professionals in the industry? Invite them to join our DCD events! The person with the most number of successful referrals will win an award of the Most Connected Industry Professional at our DCD APAC Awards 2017 ceremony and other prizes. Boast your connections to your fellow peers, enter now.



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"DCD Converged as a global conference organizer for the data center industry allows us to have an integrated understanding of the whole industry"
Haifeng Qu, Alibaba


“This event is always good to meet up with the old network team and also to see how new innovations are being delivered and presented at the forum.” 
Adrian McPaul, Citibank 


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Established as the most important networking week of the regional technology calendar, the SE Asia Datacenter Week is not to be missed. Packed with major conferences and expos, networking events, training and data center tours, this event promises an enriching experience for all attendees. Join us at the DC Week Launch Party in May 2017.

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DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
Menara Landmark 12 Jalan Ngee Heng Bandar Johor Bahru 80000 Johor Bahru Johor Malaysia

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