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Expo Floor and Registration Opens


Opening Remarks


Lightning Plenary Keynote #1: Visualizing TPU-Powered Workloads In The Enterprise Data Center: Incremental Improvement or Groundbreaking Transformation?


Lightning Plenary Keynote 2: Preparing For The 100KW Workload - Can Liquid Cooling ‘Cross the Chasm’?


Star Panel Discussion: Balancing Capacity Planning and High-Density Demand In The Financial Sector


Coffee Break, Expo, Innovation Stage & Speed Networking


The 5G Affect: Producing Data Movement At The Speed Of Light

Finding The Optimal Cooling Mix At 40°C

Brought to You By AI: Moving, Storing and Processing the Fastest Growing Load in the Data Center

How To Make The Most Of Modular And Break The Purpose-Built Mode


Architecting A Data Center Back-End To Delight The Customer At The Tower

Fuel Cells - Your Data Center’s Path to Energy Security

The Chip Update: Tracking Contemporary Cores, Consumption and Cost

Cultivating Off-Site Manufacturing To Lower Expenditure On A New Build


Fiber vs Copper: How To Generate Ultra-Latency On The Trading Floor

Optimizing Storage At Grid Level To Preempt Rising Procurement Costs

Paint The Picture: Deploying Software-Defined Storage in a Multi-Cloud World

Paint The Picture: Demystifying The Future of Rack Design In A Post-HVAC World


Lunch, Networking, Expo & Innovation Stage


Panel Discussion: From 40GbE to 100GbE: Orchestrating a Plan To Install 5G-Ready Plumbing In Your Data Center

Panel Discussion: Innovation Meets HVAC: The Secret To Optimizing Airflow And Minimizing Equipment Failure

Panel Discussion: Moving Towards Hyper Converged Infrastructure? Bolster Cyber Prevention And Thwart Multi-Vector Attacks

Panel Discussion: How Will SDx Adoption Transform The Next-Generation Of Data Center Design?


Assessing the Needs of End-User Edge Capacity – Where’s The Edge and Do They Need a Data Center There?

Air and Liquid Unite: Examining Hybrid Cooled Workload Efficiencies

Automating Maintenance: Go Digital To Predict The Lifecycle Of Your Hardware Upgrade

Physical Security: Are We In Danger Of Overlooking Vulnerabilities In The Digital Age?


Will Autonomous Driving Take The Edge Data Center Mainstream?

Maximise Your Kilowatt Output Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Can Data Storage Keep Up With The Analytics Arms Race?

Asset Management Is King: Calculating ROI In Real-Time


Drinks Reception and Networking on Expo Floor


End of Conference: Day One

Break Outs

DCD Boardroom

09:10 - Opening Keynote: Where Will The ‘Ashburn Boom’ Strike Next?

09:30 - Lightning Plenary Keynote: Club Deal, Syndicated Loan or M&A? Optimize Financing Strategies For Your Next Investment

09:50 - Investment Panel Discussion: Is The Wholesale Data Center The Jewel In The REIT Crown?

10:40 - Boardroom Brunch

11:50 - Lightning Plenary Keynote: Still Avoiding the Cloud Pitch? Construct a Iron-Clad Business Case for Equity in Colocation

12:20 - Case Study: How To Extrapolate ROI From Legacy Data Centers

12:50 - How The Evolving Nature Of State Tax Regulation Is Influencing Data Center Valuations

13:30 - Boardroom Lunch

15:00 - Panel Discussion: How Will The World’s First 300MW Colocation Deal Change Pricing Strategies?

16:00 - Star Panel Discussion: Lease Or Own - Evaluating Strategy For Data Center Ownership

16:40 - Closing Fireside Chat: Life After Divestment - How to Optimise Your Sale and Right-Size Assets

Hosted Roundtables

15:00 - “...A Technical Generalist’? - Understanding How The Skills Required From Operators Will Shift To Support Enterprise Digitization

15:00 - DCIM: More Than a Routine Checkup on the Health of Your Data Center

15:00 - East Penn Manufacturing

15:00 - Excool

15:00 - Future Facilities

15:00 - Kohler Co.

15:00 - Mitsubishi Electric

15:00 - Protecting the Ideological Vision of the Data Center in the Cloud Era

15:00 - The Good Tenant: How We Pass On Efficiency Gains At Leasehold-Level