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Expo Floor and Registration Opens


Lightning Plenary Keynote: Evolve or Die - How We Right-Sized IT Infrastructure to Fit The Age of Ubiquitous Computing

  • Rajiv Rao, New York State Office of Information Technology Services
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Coffee Break, Expo, Innovation Stage & Speed Networking


Introducing the Commercial Edge: Monetizing Distributed Computing using Digital Infrastructure

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Finding the Optimal Cooling Mix in a HPC Environment

From IT to OT: How Will Robots, IoT and a Digital Twin Impact Facilities Management?

Boardroom Keynote: Oh, Virginia: Unveiling the County Behind the World’s Digital Economy

  • Buddy Rizer, Loudoun County Department of Economic Development

Notes from the Field: Building Resilience into Mission-Critical Design and Commissioning

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Asset Management Is King: Maximize the Lifecycle of Your UPS Using Big Data

The 5G Effect: Producing Data Movement At The Speed Of Light

DCIM: How Software Monitors the Temperature of the Happy Server


Microgrids - Your Data Center’s Path to Energy Security

How To Make The Most Of Modular And Break The Purpose-Built Mode

The Chip Update - Tracking Contemporary Cores, Consumption and Cost

Empowering Lithium Ion: How Advanced UPS Selection Will Lower Your TCO


Lunch, Networking, Expo & Innovation Stage


Panel Discussion: Man vs. Machine: Can Robots and Humans Collaborate to Manage Facilities?

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Panel Discussion: If the Two Million-Dollar Acre Is Near, Can Multi-Story Construction Drive Down CAPEX?

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Architecting a Data Center Backend to Delight the Customer at the Edge

Preventing the Blackout: What Is the State of Outages?

Site Selection Through the Eyes of the End-User: What Made Our Location the Winner?


Pricing the Bleeding Edge: How Will Coolants, Machine Learning and GPUs Impact The Cost Of The 2030 Data Center?

  • Dr. Suvojit Ghosh, Computing Infrastructure Research Centre (CIRC) at McMaster University
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In the Market for Colocation? An Analysis of Market Trends - Q2 ‘19


Liquid to Cool, Waste Heat to Power: Has Villanova University Cracked the Code to PUE<1.1?

How to Foster Habits for Success in Data Center Management


Drinks Reception and Networking on Expo Floor


End of Conference: Day One

Break Outs

Hosted Roundtables

15:00 - Are Your Business Metrics Reflected In Your Capacity Planning?

15:00 - Colocating Wall Street: Is White Space-as-a-Service Outpacing On-Premise IT for the Regulated?

15:00 - DCIM: More Than a Routine Checkup on the Health of Your Data Center

15:00 - East Penn Manufacturing

15:00 - Excool

15:00 - Future Facilities

15:00 - Kohler Co.

15:00 - Mitsubishi Electric

15:00 - Schneider Electric

Business Briefings

10:40 - Greening the Data Center Industry – Opportunities in Norway

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13:30 - Schneider Electric Lunch