Edge - Focus Day

Edge - Focus Day

Thursday August 23, 2018 - 9am to 1:30pm

“Edge” is one of the hottest topics for the Australian data infrastructure sector and it is in the process of enabling the development of more robust distributed architectures for a number of different industry verticals.

Edge - Focus Day


This extended focus seminar has been designed to help IT professionals build their own “Edge” roadmaps and strategies with a highly interactive new conferencing format which will include presentations, topic-based workshops among small groups, case studies, expert panels, product demonstrations and interactive scenario planning. 

Who Should Attend

The seminar will be a valuable source of information, learning and discussion for companies and individuals who require to learn more about the latest trends in edge computing. The seminar will be designed to include content relevant to companies at the very start of their edge strategy and those already well advanced through it.  This will include staff with decision making responsibility for edge at all C and higher managerial levels.

Contact me if you want to discuss particiaption or attendance.

Nick Parfitt - Lead Analyst, APAC


Nick Parfitt