Hosted Roundtables

#1: How can micro data centers reduce latency and add capacity for regional operators

#2 How can new cooling trends in data centers increase IT efficiency and reduces costs?

#3 Should you extend the life cycle of your data center or decommission?

#4 How do you get a better view of your cloud performance and costs? 

#5 What are the cost benefits of advanced modular UPS technology and Hybrid UPS?

#6 How are analytics, big data and IoT are transforming enterprise IT?

#7 Open Infrastructure for the cloud age- What are the key techlogy drivers of Open system?

#8 How to successfully move your workloads to the cloud: What are the most common (as well as hidden) migration challenges?

#9 How do you approach the physical security of your data center?

#10 Critical On-site Power Generation for The Data Center