Panel: Is your IT Infrastructure set-up able to support the digital transformation journey of your organisation?

Ahmet Murat Yildirim, CIO, İş Leasing Erkut Göksel Çınar, Chief Technology Officer, OflazMG Gökhan Çelik, Senior System Manager , Arçelik Önder Karademir, CIO, Özdilek Holding

Digital transformation is bringing forward many challenges for the CIO. Traditional operations applications which are modelled to support existing business processes such as ERP, supply chains and web infrastructures still need to run on your legacy set up. However new services and applications, often designed for cloud-native environments, are the true enablers of the digital transformation of your organisation. Organisations therefore need to encircle hybrid IT as a first step towards their digital transformation journey.

Join this panel as enterprise IT leaders come together to discuss their DX journey, sharing experiences  and mapping out  how enterprises can best navigate in the hybrid world.

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