Wednesday, 18th July

The DCD Awards are delighted to now be celebrating over a decade of doing what we love – sharing the stories of innovation and cutting edge design and operation which are the hallmarks of our vitally important industry. We are proud to continue showcasing the stories which epitomise the pioneering spirit & innovative thinking behind the projects, people and teams making the industry great. We are delighted also to announce the first 'Best in India' awards, part of the DCD Global Awards, which will be celebrated at the DCD Webscale event in Bangalore on July 18 and 19, 2018. The ceremony will award those entries made by Indian companies into the DCD Awards program across six categories, so there is an opportunity for everyone.



Entries Closed!

We are excited to announce 6 award categories that will be open for industry entry. These are the Awards for:

  • Cloud Migration of the Year where judges will look for innovative or pioneering approaches to cloud adoption especially when migrating from the traditional data center environment, and a migration which can demonstrate the best match of outcomes to corporate requirements in terms of risk, availability and security.
  • Datacenter Operations Team of the Year (Enterprise & Colo+Cloud) - this award should be considered for situations where the team has been convened for a special task or purpose within the past 12 months relating to the data center environment, above and beyond 'usual' everyday duties at any point in the data center life-cycle: design, construction, fit out, operation, refit, decommissioning or for a specific client project.
  • Design Team of the Year - the other team-focused category will look for truly innovative approaches to a new data center design or an infrastructure modernization project which shows how the design team dynamic has led to a successful outcome for the project within the last 12 months.
  • Living at the Edge Award which will look to recognise unique and innovative approaches to housing IT at the customer edge that can act as an example of good practice to the wider industry.
  • The Smart Data Center Award - a new Award category in which judges will look to award the project that best exemplifies software-defined automation in any aspect of the true SDDC, whether a point solution or an entire system implementation; from DCIM to Machine Learning/AI and anything in-between.  
  • Energy Efficiency Improvers Award - for any project that has improved the energy efficiency of a single or group of facilities, through a journey of measurement, bench-marking, analysis, recommendation and implementation to a verifiable outcome.

The full requirements for each category, including the criteria on which the category will be judged, are available on the entry platform. If you have questions about which category is best for you to enter or about your awards entry don't hesitate to contact us at apac.awards@datacenterdynamics.com  The deadline for entry will be 2pm IST on Friday 15th June. 

Judging will be conducted by a panel of 24 recognised experts and practitioners from across the Asia Pacific region. Please see details of the 2017 DCD global awards here and of the Asia Pacific awards here

The entry deadline is 2pm IST on Friday 15th of June 2018. 

If you want to discuss participation or attendance, please contact:  

Naveen Lawrence,
Sales Director, India