Monday, June 19, Marriott Marquis
9:30 am to 1:00 pm

Infrastructure Masons is a new industry association where professionals connect, grow and give back. To support this strategy, they hold working sessions with members to tackle topics that are important to the group. iMasons will be holding their next local meeting in conjunction with the Datacenter Dynamics Webscale conference in San Francisco, CA.

“At these meetings we leave our companies at the door and dive in as individuals. The experience and insight from our members is very powerful. These collaboration sessions create great ideas and make connections that last far longer than the event.” said Dean Nelson  Founder of Infrastructure Masons and Head of Compute at Uber. Mr Nelson will be joined by Mark Monroe, Executive Director of iMasons, on site to lead the local session. The CA meeting will be focused on the iMasons’ new Data Center Performance Index (DCPI), and defining sustainability measures of the iMasons member matrix.

The iMasons local edition meetings serve a dual purpose. First, they allow our members to connect and grow. Second, 100% of ticket sales and donations from each local chapter meeting are deposited into the iMasons Fund. The iMasons Fund is a member driven investment arm for the organization focused on giving back. The top contributing chapters will work with the iMasons Fund committee to influence which projects are proposed to the members. In 2016, iMasons donated $50,000 to the construction of a new school in the northeastern mountains of India. Donations can include charitable, degree & certification programs, scholarships, tech investments, and many other member driven categories. 

Registration will open at 9.30am with proceedings beginning at 10.00am.

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