Key Sessions: From blockchain to scaling up...

Key Sessions: From blockchain to scaling up...

Whether you work for a start-up or you already oprate at hyperscale, DCD>Webscale covers the key trends driving change in the internet-and-cloud-first universe - from blockchain to scaling up, liquid cooling and edge infrastructure. 

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How will colocation companies meet the needs & requirements of crypto currencies and blockchain applications? 

What do the various end users in the crypto/blockchain space need and are colos best placed to serve them? From Bitcoin & Ethereum miners to enterprise Ehtereum hosted applications and blockchain-influenced applications within an enterprise, this panel explaores where these applications need to reside and their overall impact on the data center industry.
Eli Scher
Chief Executive Officer
New Continuum Data Centers
Tony Greenberg
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Kelly LeValley Hunt
Global Vice President

Scaling up! Having an infrastructure plan in place to cover exponential demand increases on your IT systems

Harmail Chatha
Senior Director - Global Data Centers
& Infrastructure
Eyal Itskovich
Manager - Business Operations
Yigit Bulut
Partner & Chief Technology Officer
EYP Missions Critical Facilities

Disruptive innovation & lifestyle transformations - Living on the edge 

Brett Illers
Senior Technical Program Manager
Brian Janous
General Manager of Energy
Ihab Tarazi
Executive Vice President & Former CTO

Best of the rest.... 

Designing hyperscale data centers for the future

The mobile edge & distributed computing at Webscale

Lifting & shifting to cloud platforms:
how to get physical with virtual

Jason Waxman
Corporate Vice President & General Manager
Data Center Solutions
Intel Corporation
Jason Hoffman
Chief Executive Officer
Rani Gomez
Technical Program Director
GIS Data Center
LAM Research