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Lightning session #2 Who runs your company, your board, your executive team - or is it really your customer?

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Morning Break, Innovation Stage Presentations, & Speed Networking

11:50 AM

Future power and cooling trends for data centers - compact, commoditized architectures

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Technology roadmap update and market trends driving the need for speed

12:20 PM

The impact of edge in driving demand for low latency in the network

How are the new demands of data center strategy affecting site selection and construction sequence?

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12:50 PM

Global hyperscale at hyper-speed: Deploying consistent data center Infrastructures for seamless expansion into new markets

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Speed and agility: How can a modular approach help you achieve your business needs?

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1:20 PM

Networking Lunch & Innovation Stage Presentations

3:00 PM
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Panel: How will colocation companies meet the needs of the requirements of crypto currencies and blockchain applications?

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Evening Networking Reception on the Show Floor & Round-up Panel on the Innovation Stage

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Break Outs

Hosted Roundtables

3:00 PM - Capacity planning and how to take the crystal ball out of forecasting costs

3:00 PM - How light on reliability can you be in pursuit of the lowest possible TCO?

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3:00 PM - It’s time to get serious about embedding data center/cyber security into design - a patch and fix strategy is not a strategy!

3:00 PM - Lifting and shifting to cloud platforms – how to get physical with virtual

3:00 PM - Renewable energy for data centers – feasibility and measuring success

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3:00 PM - The big five have AI for data center performance and monitoring cracked. How do the little guys get on board?

3:00 PM - The cost of cloud: An honest dialogue of the cost of cloud vs. owner-operator/lease-operator TCO

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3:00 PM - What are the technical challenges of expanding edge networks closer to end-users? What works today? What technologies are evolving?

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3:00 PM - Where’s my edge and do I need a data center there? In a container or in a colo?

3:00 PM - With so many data center cooling options it is hard to know what solution to use. Can you comment on some of the pros and cons of some of the more commonly applied cooling strategies?

Innovation Stage

Brunch briefings

10:40 AM - California data centers: Should I stay or should I go?

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