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9:00 AM

Opening plenary: Superpowers for engineers - Generative design and deep learning in webscale design and operations

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9:20 AM
10:10 AM
10:50 AM

Morning coffee, networking, and Solution Stage presentations

11:40 AM
12:15 PM

“What got you here won’t get you there” - Next generation reliability and sustainability for dynamic grids and compute

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The next frontier for infrastructure management – Optimizing for security and business sustainability

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Risk Management: Upgrading or expanding the UPS system into an existing data center infrastructure

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12:50 PM
1:25 PM

Lunch, networking, and Solution Stage presentations

3:00 PM
3:40 PM

Managing data center costs in the AI era: How to cost-effectively run DC infrastructure to support high-density applications

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4:20 PM

Part 1: AI-scale data centers of the future, opportunities and challenges Part 2: The Future of warm liquid cooling for high-density data center and harmonization of international standards

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5:00 PM
5:40 PM

Networking drinks on expo floor

7:00 PM

End of conference

Break Outs

Brunch briefings

11:00 AM - ROOT Data Center: Why the world's largest cloud companies have landed in Montreal, Canada! Renewable Energy, Lowest Cost in North America, and Data Safe Haven: And it's super-close!

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Lunch briefings

1:30 PM - Huber + Suhner: How optical switching delivers on the infrastrucutre requirements for your enterprise's digital economy strategy

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