Industry 4.0: Data Centers & The IOT

Angelo Barboza, Dy, General Manager - IT Physical Infrastructure Solutions, Rittal India Pvt. Ltd.

Industry 4.0 & IoT are redefining the industry – the production cycle is increasingly getting oriented towards individual customer requirements. Smart manufacturing and smart factories are using IoT in the production processes to communicate with each other to ensure much flexibility coupled the efficient use of resources. Generally large data centers have been placed where energy costs are low and space is inexpensive. To overcome this, the Edge data centers are placed much closer to the users and will be generally smaller in size with mesh network arrangement. Rittal presentation will give an insight to address the typical challenges of data center infrastructure in supporting IoT.


Rittal has introduced the Edge Data Center (EDC) which is an innovative integrated data center infrastructure solution specifically designed for mission critical server room applications. Ease of manageability and growth potential are some of the biggest benefits of this solution.


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