The Data Centre Maturity Model – An investor perspective of Infrastructure for the Digital Economy

Michael Foust , Executive Chairman , Bridge Data Centres

The data centre, as a vehicle for technological progress, is a complex set of real estate, engineering, connectivity and Information Technology assets. This ecosystem is driven by sophisticated financial considerations that continuously seek to align resiliency, reliability and commercial returns, whilst being flexible enough to adapt to customer IT requirements. Global trends have shown that this complexity can be dealt with through smart human capital, and mature tried/tested business models that lend themselves to meeting the objectives of all stakeholders. How can India and other Asia Pacific economies, coping with rapid growth in the adoption of technology, attract sufficient investment in the sector? Michael Foust, Executive Chairman, Bridge Data Centres, will provide you with insights into this high-growth industry that he helped create, attracting investors and creating value through 25 Million square feet of data centres in 33 markets around the world.