Case study: How GCHQ deployed high density infrastructure for greater efficiency in their data center

Barry Maidment, IT Product Manager, Rittal Ian Holford, Data Centres Regional Operations , HMG Rudi Nizinkiewicz, Data Centre Design Authority, GCHQ

As with any industry, working at the edges of technology not only provides challenges but also is the catalyst for innovation.  There is no greater example of this within IT when Rittal and GCHQ  came together in designing, implementing and deploying High density infrastructure.  Theoretical design limits were challenged, products were physical stressed to see their actual limit and as you would expect in an application such as GCHQ, resilience and security was at the forefront of any design decision.

Although not everyone will deploy High density computing, however the lessons learned in developing such systems can bring benefit to any data centre director/manager.  When working at the limits of cooling system's, every small detail has to be optimised to achieve the performance.  This optimisation not only provides greater capacity but also a chance to reduce operating costs without compromising performance. The presentation will highlight key design factors and best practices to show how building a robust and secure foundation for the IT system can provide a scalable, resilient system for the future.

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