Ali Heydari

Chief Architect

Ali Heydari is Senior Technical Director and Data Center Architect at Baidu, the largest search engine company in China. In this role he is server and data center architect in charge of hardware and data center design, development and deployment in China’s largest data center search company. He is responsible for development of cutting edge data center and server hardware technology for deployment at Baidu’s data centers in China, technologies such as IDEC and free air-cooled data center design, online/offline HVDC for rack power efficient design, liquid cooling of GPU servers and liquid cooled heat exchanger rack and data center solutions for achieving extremely low data center PUEs at Baidu’s data centers in China.

Formerly, he was Senior Hardware Engineer at Twitter where he was responsible for grounds up development of Twitter’s data center ODM server development. Earlier, he was Senior Hardware Engineer at Facebook where he helped in developing Facebook’s original OCP server and data center products. Prior to that he worked at Sun Microsystems and spend about 10 years as Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Sharif University of Technology in Iran. He received his B.S. in mechanical engineering from University of Illinois, Urbana, M.S., Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and M.A. in applied mathematics from University of California, Berkeley.