We’ve been involved with DCD starting in New York, approximately 10 years ago. Since then we have participated in shows in London and Singapore, and in 2010 when they started the first show in Shanghai, we decided that it would be a very smart opportunity to market our products in China. We have participated in every show in China since then. We find that it is a very valuable opportunity to showcase our products to our customers and to expand our customer base. ”

----- Robert (Skip) Scinto, EastPenn

“Thanks to DCD for its outstanding contribution to China’s data center industry over the past 7 years. We believe that DCD will bring more innovative ideas and drivers to the data center industry with their expansion into the field of large-scale infrastructure, from data center to cloud, and from IT infrastructure to digital business infrastructure in China.”

Haifeng Qu, Alibaba  Group

“The DCD event is  one of the most significant  conferences in the data center industry.  We got a lot of new friends and clients and let our clients learn more about us."

David Wang, Data Center Science

"We’re really quite happy with this event and we’re quite satisfied with the clients and the people who visit us."

Ergün Rıza,  AT&T Cabling Systems