Ahead of DCD>Africa, we will be hosting a free one-hour webinar discussing the challenges and solutions faced when building and developing critical infrastructure.
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How fast is Africa's data center industry evolving? 
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Whilst Africa is going digital at a frenetic pace it lacks the digital infrastructure necessary to scale. But building a data center is not an easy task, especially where you have connectivity issues, unreliable power supplies and investment constraints. None-the-less a dynamic African data center sector is flourishing to support a modern economy, telecommunications and the move to the Cloud. 

Our panel of experts will openly discuss the challenges they face and the solutions they are developing to build critical infrastructure, in advance of the DCD>Africa conference being held in Johannesburg on 24th July.

Key topics under discussion include: 

  • Where are we seeing data center activity in sub-saharan Africa and why?
  • What design best practices should data center operators be applying in this region?
  • How is the race to the cloud shaping African colocation markets?
  • Is Africa heading to more outsourced facilities management?
  • Is it possible to standize the Data Center in Africa when the power network is unreliable?

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