Uptime Institute


Miércoles, 25 de Abril, Goldencenter Eventos- De 16.00-17.30

“La combinación de DatacenterDynamics y Uptime Institute reúne un tremendo capital intelectual y una increíble capacidad de organización. Es una perfecta relación complementaria entre dos fuertes proveedores de la industria. Pero el verdadero beneficiario de este acuerdo es la comunidad de propietarios y operadores de data center que gozarán de la experiencia de Uptime Institute ahora desde una única fuente en todos los principales mercados del mundo.”

Lee Kirby, presidente de Uptime Institute.


The ways in which IT is being delivered have dramatically changed. Are you driving this change or watching it change?

From the fundamental technologies being deployed, to the creation of hybrid infrastructures and leveraging the cloud, this workshop is designed to give you more insight into the change that is already happening at various rates across the industry. We’ll look at what is ahead for the IT Infrastructure market, and what you need to consider now to be prepared for your own future. Uptime Institute’s data center experts will share what they’ve seen after working with thousands of data centers worldwide, and give you important pointers about how to make sure your data center or portfolio will be valued over the long haul.

Topics to include: improving overall performance, increasing efficiency and reliability and a deep discussion about some of the industry’s most impactful best practices being adopted by your peers to assure operational excellence.