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10th Annual Show: At a Glance

600+ DC & Cloud professionals 600+ DC & Cloud professionals
20+ Hours of Learning & Networking 20+ Hours of Learning & Networking
40+ Sponsors & Exhibitors 40+ Sponsors & Exhibitors
30+ Thought leader speakers 30+ Thought leader speakers

Why DCD>Sydney 2019?

Digital transformation is accelerating through the zettabyte era towards a connected economy, society, everything .... The mission-critical data center, telecom, colocation and cloud infrastructure necessary to underpin this rapid change is explored in depth at this conference.

From smart energy "in", to the software-defined network edge "out", the purpose-built, smart, efficient, connected, resilient and secure data center is ground-zero for digital transformation. This conference is designed to help those planning and designing the digital future of their enterprise to tackle both the strategic and operational challenges posed by the relentless barrage of new, disruptive drivers already impacting the smart, digital business of the future.

This event welcomes senior-level business executives along with the technology and engineering professionals who together are the decision-makers accountable for designing, building, managing and operating the full infrastructure ecosystem that makes business transformation possible.  This year, DCD>Australia will explore:

  • the optimisation and resourcing of mixed on-prem, colo/outsourced and (multi-) cloud IT delivery strategies,
  • preparation for digital transformation as a major source of demand for processing, network and storage resources, and analysis of the technologies and processes which will manage that demand,
  • the modernisation of existing in-house infrastructure and increasing its ROI,
  • we will also pause to take a view of the world that all of this, in large part, is bringing about.  

With more than 20 hours of thought-leading presentations, panels, keynotes, hosted roundtables, solutions briefings, interactive panel + workshops, the Expo Hall and its Innovation Stage, DCD>Australia 2019 is the annual industry gathering tailored for Australia and not to be missed!

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Key Themes

Executing Hybrid IT strategy

Executing Hybrid IT strategy

Segmenting IT needs | Agility | Scalability | Security | Cost-reduction

Sustainable Infrastructure

Sustainable Infrastructure

Uptime | Resource & Supply | Energy Smart

Modernization & Lifecycle Management

Modernization & Lifecycle Management

Asset Performance | Future proofing | Reducing TCO

Digital Transformation & the Data Center Edge

Digital Transformation & the Data Center Edge

Connectivity | Reliability | Performance

Living between On-prem, Colo & Cloud

Living between On-prem, Colo & Cloud

How are the major drivers of data center behaviour - demand, technology, regulation and architecture - creating new opportunity within a fast-moving and dynamic DCaaS market across Australia and New Zealand?

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International Convention Centre Sydney
14 Darling Dr, Sydney, NSW, 2009, Australia

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