Felix Gorovodsky

IT Advisor & Technology Influencer, Founder & CEO

A proven leader with in the IT Community, within multiple organization from various industries ranging from Law Enforcement, Financial Tech, Software, Higher Education, Hospitality, Distribution, Non-Profits and many more. In order to develop any of these infrastructures for the specific clients, starts with understanding the needs and wants for those organization. All at the same time Felix is a proven and experienced Adjunct Professor with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in Microsoft Products, IT Infrastructure Management, Management, System Deployment, Cloud Computing on AWS and Azure and IT Operations Management. Strong professional with a MBA in General Management and Leadership, a MSc in Information Technology focused in Business Administration, Management and Operations.

Several projects and experience that Felix has had in his career as an IT Professional have lead him down a path of having multiple years of experience in design, building/maintaining IT and A/V Infrastructures, as well as developing and migrating infrastructures in COLO Data Centers and/or Cloud environment. With his experience, he has developed IT Operating Budgets and helped save money in IT spending, but also help protect companies from facing fines due to a lack of compliancy regulations all from creating and mainlining documentation of policies and procedures.