Attendee Testimonials

Attendee Testimonials

“Peer to peer networking is critical to optimally managing today’s data centers.  The potential for energy and cost savings is tremendous and can be accelerated based on the experience of early adopters.  DCD gives me an opportunity to share international best practices while at the same time learning about what is happening in India.  There is good give and take of information; issues as well as solutions are discovered.” - Dale Sartor, Staff Scientist and Engineer, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

“With data connectivity and reliability being a center of focus for many core solutions, the direct impact of the showcased products and services in this area was both fascinating and insightful. This, coupled with the presence of multiple industry experts and leaders, combined to expand my knowledge in the field, the potential for growth in value, direction of the various industries affected, and grew my professional network.” - Tucker McGaw, CTO, Written Medicine

“It was a great response and involvement from the IT Infrastructure community at the DCD event in Bangalore this year. The forum provided wonderful insights about the emerging Infrastructure issues that we face across industries and its growing impact in our daily life’s.”  - Mahendra Patukuri, Director, PwC

"I think this is a great event for Data Center professionals to come and share knowledge and establish a great networking platform. The sessions were well managed and stalls had good demos." - Piyush Kumar Chowhan, VP & CIO,  Arvind Lifestyle Brands

“DCD Awards for us is like an Oscar. We have been participating at DCD Awards across the globe and we are happy to be a part of DCD India. We feel honoured to be awarded at this prestigious  platform”  - Prasenjit Roy, SVP & CMO,NTT Netmagic

“We are overwhelmed to receive an Award from a prestigious organization like DCD”- R. Balakrishnan, Head of Design, L&T Construction