December 05 2019

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Plenary Keynote: Building sustainability in the world’s largest data center project - Switch Lake Tahoe


Plenary Keynote: Density, Immersion cooling and data centers in 2025


Going gas: Low-emission, on-site power generation for modern data centres

Introducing the commercial edge: monetizing distributed computing using digital infrastructure

Optimizing your data center investment


Ready to go off-grid? Are microgrids in your future?

Using AI technology to make data center into ‘smart cooling’

To gigabit and beyond: building a network to support the deployment of 5G


From core to edge: How to implement smart power in the data center

Impacts of Indirect Evaporative Cooling to Hyperscale Data Centers design and construction

Leading the data center industry into ‘custom tailor’ era


Panel Discussion: How can China lead the world in energy smart data center infrastructure?

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Panel discussion: How close are we to machine learning, self regulating facilities?

  • Dali Shi, China Life Insurance
  • Jianyi Xiao, China Metrology Measurement Consulting Technology
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Panel discussion: Building at scale and speed: Is modular construction key to keeping pace with the age of ubiquitous computing?

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DCIM/DCOM: more than a routine checkup on the health of your data center

Brick by brick or shell by shell? How to make the most of modular at the edge and break the purpose-built model


Webscale resilience – hazards mitigation and advanced microgrids

Housing AI: demystifying the design blueprint for the high performance facility of the future

How to master project prioritization and the allocation of capital


Closing Futurist Panel: Predictions on the Future of China Data Center Market

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Break Outs

Hosted Roundtables

14:15 - Why is the Nordics the best way to expanding into Europe?