Hua Zhu

Deputy Director
China Data Center Committee

  • Director of Technology and Development Center & Director of Data Center East China of Tencent IDC Department
  • Tier 4 expert of Tencent Company
  • Deputy director of the Data Center Technology Committee of The Standardization Institute of Chinese Construction
  • Director of the Open Data Center committee of CCSA(China Communications Standards Association) 

Zhu Hua has over 15 years of data center industry experiences which include the site selection, planning , designing, testing and operation of the life cycle in data center. He has involved and led multiple famous internet company’s data center planning, such as Alibaba, Shengda, Tencent Qinpu and Shenzhen, Tianjin second phase.  He summarized the method based on many project practice which named ‘Normandy model for the big data center planning’. He was the earliest application creator and first practitioner of the High Voltage Direct Current of the internet data center, and he lead the micro module technology to be implemented and innovation and contributed to the business chain of micro module. In the data center operation area, he participated the data center operation management system ;and led to develop the automatic operation platform which is Nebula system, included similar function of DCIM and DCOM. And improved the operation quality and efficiency , he also take a role of the data center industry Standards Association and participated to build the related Chinese Standard and Review.

He had been worked as Data center architect for Alibaba, the project manager of ShengDa company. He also was invited to give the speech in Data center summit.