Jianyi Xiao

Director of Data Center Management Group
MIIT ITSS Working Group

Mr. Xiao is currently the team leader of the Data Center Management Group of MIIT ITSS Working Group. He is also a member of the Data Center Expert Technical Committee of the Data Center Working Group of the China Engineering Construction Standardization Association.

Mr. Xiao has more than 20 years of IT management experience, more than 10 years of data center industry experience and work experience, familiar with data center planning, design, construction, acceptance, test verification, operation management, and accumulated a large number of data centers. Industry experience and best practices. In the practice of data center construction, Mr. Xiao put forward the methodology of planning, design, construction and management, and delivered keynote speeches in data center industry conferences such as CDCC, DCD, MGDC, and China Data Center Industry Development Alliance.

Mr. Xiao's career history:
General Manager of Information Technology Department of China Pacific Insurance Group, engaged in IT planning, construction, management, involving IT strategy and architecture planning, IT governance, IT services and other professional areas, has participated in the design and deployment of multiple IT planning projects.

General Manager of IT Operation Center of China Pacific Insurance Group Group, completed the Group's IT operation and established a data center operation and maintenance system;

Director of the Construction Office of the China Pacific Insurance Group Group Support Center, responsible for planning, designing and constructing the next-generation data center and disaster recovery center of the Pacific Insurance Group.

The technical specifications and industry standards that Mr. Xiao participated in are:
GB/T 33136-2016 "Data Center Service Capability Maturity Model" Editorial Board
CQC 9218-2015 Editorial Board of "Technical Specifications for Data Center Site Evaluation"
CQC 92-541201-2015 Editorial Board of the Implementation Rules for Data Center Site Infrastructure Evaluation
CECS "Data Center Operation and Maintenance Management Standards" Editor-in-Chief (2017)Editor-in-Chief
China Cloud Computing Data Center Operation Guide (published by Tsinghua University Press in 2013)