Fernando Almeida

Executivo de Data Center
Inovação & Transformação Digital

Sr. IT Executive Manager, with 24 years of experience in the IT area, acting in projects of infrastructure, systems, applications, financial market and pre-sales, based on market's best methodologies (PMI, ITIL, COBIT, SCRUM), among others. Experience on Datacenter market (BPO/Outsourcing). Responsible for managing major projects under nacional and international reach, acting in large companies/clients such as: HP, Microsoft, LEVEL 3, TIVIT, IBM, GOL, CIELO, VISA, Circuit City, NOVARTIS, ALCON, UNISYS, among others. Ample experience in:

Project and Portfolio Management (PMI) | Risk Management | People Management | Cost Management | IT Operations Management | P&L Management| SCRUM | BSC | CMMI | Cloud / IaaS / SaaS | PaaS| ERP Project Management | I.T. & Budget Governance | SLA/SLO | KPI´s | Pre-Sales | BPO/Outsourcing | SIX SIGMA