One of the strengths DCD have in Toronto is the broad background of attendees. Bringing together individuals from finance, data center operators, end users, consultants and engineers in one place is very valuable. People I met here are going to add value to my current client engagement. 
Charles Hoop -  Senior Director, IT Category Management 




 We’ve been attending DCD events for 10 years, and we’ve always found them to be a great partner for us in this space. We meet lots of great people and meet new customers here each year. I left with some leads for products and services that we offer so it doesn’t get much better than that!
Jan Visser - Director

 One of the things I love about DCD is that they connect data center operators and facilities operators who rarely talk to each other. They then add on layers such as cloud and artificial intelligence which sit on top of the data center. To me, this shows that DCD is evolving to think about digital transformation and not just the data centeritself.
Taimour Zaman - Founder

I decided to partner with DCD as they have a global presence and they attract experts in the subject matter from across the industry, as well as quality people working in data center infrastructure. Speed Networking was a great idea. I was hoping to meet decision makers, large end users and consultants and I definitely got to do that. I strongly recommend people come to this event.
Fadi Tarcha - National Solution Manager

The fact that DCD have brought an event like this into fruition in Canada is fantastic. DCD has been around for a while and is very well known within both the ecosystem and the market. I think the Toronto Summit is broader than purely data center – it encompasses all things around data centers and the cloud. It’s fantastic – especially for a niche that’s prevalent within Canada.
Bik Dutta - VP Product Marketing & Alliances

DCD>Canada is the forum which brings together all of the leading minds and visionaries who want to bring about a change in the way we look at data centers today, and how we innovate in this space will define how much progress we make as a community, as a nation.

DCD bring a body of knowledge and experience and attract expert panellists to be able to frame the questions and provide the education that the SMB cohort needs.
Mark MacDonald - Founder