Jean-Jerome Baudry

Senior ICT Consultant: Virtualization, Cloud and Security
TA Networks

Mr. Baudry has been designing, implementing and managing Information Technology Infrastructure and Business systems for the last 24 years.

He founded Cybernomics® in 1993 servicing the Managed ICT Services needs of several vertical markets such as: Financial, Real-estate, Medical, Manufacturing, Engineering and Non-Profit. Cybernomics® was built on the founding business methodology from the Harvard School of Business: “Lean Consumption Theory”, a theory that Cybernomics®  extended to apply to the use of Virtualization and Green IT methodologies to show businesses how they can improve their bottom lines while still contributing effectively to the protection of the environment.

In 2008, Mr. Baudry founded the Think Green Alliance, a business community focused on the integration of economic and environmental sustainability.

In 2012, Mr. Baudry began working on a 4-year project at Osteoporosis Canada funded by the Ministry of Health Osteoporosis Strategy to assess the IT infrastructure requirements of the Organization and then proceeded to design and implement a cost-effective and State-of-the-Art IT infrastructure covering such areas as STORAGE AREA NETWORKS, VIRTUALIZED HOSTING, SERVER ROOM CLIMATE AND POWER CONDITIONING, FIREWALL/VPN, FIBER OPTIC INTERNET SERVICES and IP TELEPHONY.

In early 2017, Mr. Baudry joined TA Networks as their Senior Consultant/Project Manager, ICT Security and Infrastructure, providing TA Networks' end-user clients in the Financial and Banking sectors with traditional ICT and Hybrid Cloud consulting, infrastructure and security design, configuration and project management services.  In September 2017 Mr. Baudry joined the TA Networks and Springtel team full time to head up and build the Virtualization, Cloud and Security Business Unit for the company featuring the following service areas: IaaS, PaaS, ICTMaaS, SBaaS and PBXaaS. His role at TA Networks is to help SMB customers plan, quote, migrate and manage their Hybrid Cloud deployments, working with industry leading vendors such as Microsoft, VMware, Tintri, HPE, Extreme, Lenovo, Cogent, Rogers, Bell, Amazon, Azure and Google.

Mr. Baudry fluently speaks 4 languages and is also an inventor holding a patent for a system that monitors the temperature and pressure of microprocessor fan-heat sink assemblies.