Michael O'Neil

Principal Analyst

Michael O’Neil is Canada's leading IT industry analyst, recognized as an expert in the application of enterprise technologies (including, and especially, cloud) to business processes and requirements - and what that means for vendors and channel members looking to build viable businesses. With InsightaaS partner Mary Allen, O’Neil launched the Toronto Cloud Business Coalition in April 2015, connecting IT management from SMBs and enterprises, global and Canadian cloud services vendors, channel members, VCs/corporate finance professionals, management consultants, academics, and other experts in the co-creation of best practice reports needed to accelerate adoption and use of cloud in Canada. O'Neil and Allen co-authored the book Building Cloud Value (based on 10 Best Practice documents) in 2016, and currently have 21 work-in-progress documents in cloud, IoT (resulting from launch of the IoT Coalition Canada) and analytics (CABC) in 2016. Internationally, O’Neil is in demand both as an expert on building and optimizing channel and alliance relationships and networks, and (as a result of many years' worth of independent research, and two years spent as Sustainable IT columnist for Bloomberg BNA) as an expert in sustainable IT. O’Neil started his career with IDC, where he had executive responsibility for the Canadian business, and for the launch and growth of the worldwide Software Business Strategies group. Today, O’Neil is actively working with clients on IT and business initiatives. O'Neil also developed and teaches '2856-Cloud Systems in Practice' at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Education.