Matt Starkie

WWDC & Cloud Infrastructure, CoE

Matt has over 15 years IT experience, the past 11 being in varying IT Architecture roles. He joined the Microsoft UK Subsidiary in May 2008 as a Solutions Architect with Microsoft Services, transferring to the Microsoft Canadian Subsidiary in 2011. During his time at Microsoft, he has spent 5 years in financial, construction and Oil industries, helping customers define, develop and articulate their long term IT strategies, helping them leverage their existing technology investments to extract the most relevant value out of them in the shortest amount of time in order to ensure alignment to defined business strategies. Success and reduced time to value is articulated using a variety of industry modelling techniques

In November 2013, Matt transitioned into Microsoft’s Worldwide Datacenter & Cloud Infrastructure CoE team as a Business Solutions Architect. Matt is tasked with helping customers and internal teams identify the business drivers for why to change in organisations before following on with the ‘how’ and the ‘what’ to change, again, focussing on alignment to customer business objectives and specialising in the area of Private / Public / Hybrid and Service Provider clouds.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Matt worked primarily in the datacentre infrastructure space with several global organisations. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geological Oceanography from University College of North Wales, Bangor and is also an International Association of Software Architects (IASA), Certified IT Architect – Professional (CITA-P).

When not travelling, Matt is based in Edmonton, Alberta. He is a keen mountain biker and snowboarder as well as an avid reader and Xbox gamer.