Toronto Cloud Business Coalition


Tuesday, 11 October | 2.00pm to 6.00pm

Stakeholder interest in IoT has already led to the creation of the IoT Coalition Canada (IoTCC), a community group managed by InsightaaS that unites buy-side executives, vendors of many different types of products and services, leading academics and other experts in the co-creation of Canadian-based IoT Best Practices.

InsightaaS has partnered with DCD to create a pre-conference bootcamp focused on IoT in which groups will work through IoT-related scenarios to understand the connections between industry use cases and core IoT technologies, and between IoT-enabled advantages and Canadian business opportunities.


IoT Bootcamp connects Canadian leaders to explore application of IoT to Canadian business objectives

The IoT Bootcamp features three sessions aligned with IoTCC working groups. One, IoValue: Intelligent Community Ecosystems, highlights an industry use case. The second, “Backing the Winner(s) in Building the IoT Stack,” explores the many different types of technologies and services needed to assemble IoT solutions – from input sensors and gateways to communications networks, analytics and presentation systems, and the integration and orchestration needed to deploy and obtain value from IoT. The third session, Privacy and Security, examines a critical IoT issue from both technical and business/policy perspectives.

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What’s in it for me?

Each attendee at the IoT Bootcamp at will be assigned to one of 6-8 workgroups including panelists and other experts drawn from a variety of different industries and representing different IoT perspectives, and will participate in the three small-group discussions. Additionally, all attendees will be including in a concluding roundtable discussion on Economic Drivers of IoT in Canada, after which you are invited to meet and exchange ideas with fellow Bootcampers at a networking reception.

How can I be part of the IoT Bootcamp?

Because of its interactive nature, seating at the IoT Bootcamp is limited to just 50 attendees.

Click here and use the code DCDCANMN, and follow the process from there, indicating that you're interested in the IoT Bootcamp when the option appears on-screen. Registration for the IoT Bootcamp closes on October 6th; we will notify approved applicants of their IoT Bootcamp admission on October 7th.