Focus Day: Building the Edge

Focus Day: Building the Edge

Monday, October 29th from 1:00pm to 6:00pm

“Edge” data centers are the hottest topic for this sector and are set to enable the development of more robust distributed architectures for a number of different industry verticals. This focus day has been designed to help IT professionals build their own “Edge” roadmaps with a highly interactive new conferencing format. Key verticals that will be explored:

  • Financial Services Edge
  • Healthcare Edge
  • Oil + Gas Edge
  • Manufacturing Edge
  • Retail Edge
  • Telecoms Edge

This highly interactive focus day will examine strategies for deploying data centers at the “edge” and assess all new technologies and architectures

The “big three” of digital transformation today, content delivery (streaming, interactive), IoT (everything!) and mobile devices (5G, IPv6) are driving massive new data streams for network edge compute.  IT infrastructure stack layers are being designed in radical new ways to meet this growing new demand. Also being challenged are mechanical and electrical infrastructure system designs. There are more variants in edge compute data center design/builds today than there were in the entire mission critical industry of the recent past.    

Who should attend?

This event is for senior executives and engineering/technology professionals from the full-stack data center and cloud end-user eco-system community looking to better understand the challenges and opportunities presented by building data center capacity at the edge designed to deliver digital transformation and competitive advantage.

Topics being tackled by our experts include

  • IT meets OT: Convergence and the evolving M&E cybersecurity threats
  • How is the move to the edge and complex IT office/retail environments reshaping our definition of mission critical?
  • Are ongoing edge deployments sure to improve latency for consumers of data?
  • How is SDN being used to improve capacity at the edge?
  • How will industrial IoT impact data center capacity requirements at the edge?
  • What place for the telecoms sector in delivering edge