Zhongrui Kuang

Board member and CEO
YCY Cloud

Zhongrui Kuang is currently the CEO and a Board member of YCY Cloud. He is also the co-founder of a of a major B2B start-up which has developed a platform from which to provide regulatory services for the financial trading sector including brokers and mutual funds in China. The start-up was funded partially by the Government.

Zhongrui has a bachelor degree from Nanking University. From there, he continued his education in the United States, achieving a PhD in Earth and Planetary Sciences from Washington University in St Louis, and studying Computer Science and Business Management at Stanford University. In 2014 he returned to Wuchan Zhongda Group(SH600704) as head of the quantitative finance department where a trading business model that he developed enabled his department to account for 5% of all securities and futures market trading in China in 2015.

His experience of the technological requirements of funds and traders enabled Zhongrui to develop a cloud-based platform across all major exchanges focused on regulatory compliance, risk management and transactional clarity for financial markets in China.