Ari Kurvi

Data Center Manager

Ari Kurvi is the Data Center Manager of Russian search engine company Yandex, one of the largest internet companies in Europe. Ari has 35 years of experience in data centers and it-installations. He has worked for Hewlett Packard Ltd, Google and Yandex Ltd. In the beginning of his career, he spent two decades in data centers installing and maintaining computer hardware and software. During his 10 years in HP his work focused mainly on energy efficiency projects and concept design of data centers in addition to data center relocations and consolidation projects. During Google times he started up the data center facility operations in Googles first data center in Finland.  In his current role as the Data Centre Manager at Yandex Oy, he is responsible for the operations, energy effectiveness and re-use improvements in the Yandex data center at Mäntsälä, Finland. Heat recycling build in the Mäntsälä facility is recycling around 25% of the taken electrical energy back as heat to the local city heating network. Ari can be found on LinkedIn as Ari Kurvi.