Khaled Sedrak

Founder & CEO

Khaled is a continuous entrepreneur with passion for creating disruptive extraordinary-value ventures. His accumulated experience in large-scale global digital infrastructure projects, coupled with his true believe in open access philosophy, gives him the drive and authority to lead his team in building NxtVn’s global cluster of Data Center Parks. His deep believe in the value that such infrastructure projects bring to communities, innovative and long-term financing models and competition has made him an active contributor and regular speaker in many international conferences and global forums such as the Global Connect Initiative, ITU, Global Forum, WEF, Arctic Economic Council, Broadband Commission, Nordic Digital Business Summit and the Nordic’s North Glow. Khaled has been elected by BroadGroup as one of the top 50 influencers in the data center and cloud industry in 2017.

He is leading an elite multi-national team in creating a global cluster of well-connected Data Center Parks, distributed around the world in key strategic locations. Khaled aims at creating a unique natural habitat for all data center players, whether hyper-scale, single-tenant, colocation service providers or private cloud operators, where they can build, operate and grow their business in a reliable, scalable and secure ecosystem.